Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - The future

Recently I read a booklet at my chiropractors. There was a question : "Are you alive, or not quite dead'? It made me think..... I've been debating the upcoming year and making a few decisions.

I think the main resolution would be associated with lifestyle, mental exercises and weight. A new Biggest Loser starts this week, and I find it totally motivational. I thought I might embrace the whole diet and exercise thing - see how it feels. So my plan is :

- To make a food plan for each week and stop eating the bad stuff !
- Reinstate the exercise schedule of 3x a week.
- Spend Wednesdays crafting when 3-year old is in day care - my mental health day
- Do daily mental exercises - suduko's, crosswords etc.
- This one is a really tall order - attempt an hour of domestic chores each day.

Lets see how I get on, but its good to make a plan :-)

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