Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stampin Up

I am very happy to announce the start of a new adventure. I have just become a Stampin Up demonstrator. I am really looking forward to doing something that I feel really passionate about, and being able to share this with others. I remember going to my first Stampin Up party and getting a catologue. I leafed through said catologue at every opportunity, I slept with it under my pillow for the first month ! Even now, years later, I'm still at it !!! lol You certainly cant get a better recommendation for a product than that ! So watch this space, lots of Stamping Up creativity happening here, cards, scrapbooking, digital, projects and more.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - The future

Recently I read a booklet at my chiropractors. There was a question : "Are you alive, or not quite dead'? It made me think..... I've been debating the upcoming year and making a few decisions.

I think the main resolution would be associated with lifestyle, mental exercises and weight. A new Biggest Loser starts this week, and I find it totally motivational. I thought I might embrace the whole diet and exercise thing - see how it feels. So my plan is :

- To make a food plan for each week and stop eating the bad stuff !
- Reinstate the exercise schedule of 3x a week.
- Spend Wednesdays crafting when 3-year old is in day care - my mental health day
- Do daily mental exercises - suduko's, crosswords etc.
- This one is a really tall order - attempt an hour of domestic chores each day.

Lets see how I get on, but its good to make a plan :-)

Right now...

...In my life right now I am :
- Relaxing after putting the kids to bed.
- Watching 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' - a fave from my youth.
- Reading 'Eyes of the Crow' by Shane Peacock - Young Sherlock Holmes and surpisingly good.
- Thinking about my New Years Resolutions - am I going to be good - or not ! LOL
- Awaiting the arrival of an order for craft supplies.
- Enjoying the Canadian Living cake I made yesterday - a lemon coconut cream cake.
- Debating making a salmon encroute for tomorrows dinner - OMG !!! Wish me luck.
- Having a Growers apple and lime cider - 7% alc/vol - gosh thats strong :-)

A new craft blog

I am a normal person, living a normal family life, but totally inspired and in awe of the amazing craft blogs that are out there. I'm actually still figuring out the whole blog thing and currently trying to customise my background. Following a path successfully tread by many before me - so I'm sure I can figure it out.
I love to craft, cardmaking and scrapbooking, but am moving onto projects - decorations, banners, gifts and turning things into other useful things.
Most of my craft supplies have been amassed over the last 8 years or so from craft stores in the UK and Canada. My favourite craft stash is now purchased from Stampin Up, Papertrey Ink, My Favourite Things, Hero Arts and Creative Memories. However, my wish list is somewhat more extensive than my funds allow ! LOL Maybe you can relate :-)
I love my stash, I love my craft room, I love the time I spend in there. If only there were more time to spend contemplating and producing and creating - but when I get chance what a wonderful way to spend my time.
In my blog I hope to detail my crafting achievements, as well as discuss the other important elements in my life - my 3 adorable boy children, my love of reading, movies, music and sport. I enjoy cooking, baking and am a avid tea drinker - Yorkshire tea only - none of that orange pekoe stuff !
Welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy your time here.
Nikki x