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Explanation of the title of my blog : Time is a precious commodity, theres just so much to do : children to feed, crafts to do, books to read etc, etc, etc. Whenever I am engaged in either activity, I'm always thinking about the others. A juxta-betwixt-position!  lol 

Hi, I am Nikki, I am an avid reader, movie watcher and singer and a self proclaimed lover of all things crafty. I try to approach everything with a positive attitude and a LOT of humour. I have a cheeky, sometimes sarcastic take on things - thats the Liverpudlian/scouser coming out ... LOL. I was a keen artist at school, but then stopped for a number of years as other life pursuits took over : world wide travel, study, career and family etc .....

I got back into it as I discovered scrapbooking in 2000, I have now successfully completed 7 scrapbook layouts ..... LOL.  So I quickly moved on to card making, and thoroughly enjoyed that for many years. I still make lots of cards, always will.

In 2009 I became a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and began to run technique classes. My interest in techniques and different mediums grew and grew .... and finally I discovered mixed media and art journalling. I felt I searched for quite a long time, but I found my passion. To me it is a wonderful way to record and process events and situations, it is so meaningful and personal. The process itself is very therapeutic. 

I am now involved in many creative activities, it is a daily part of my life and social life. I am very active online and have made some wonderful connections with people all over the world who like that I like and do what I do. Its weird because we haven't met, but I feel I know them well. With all this online/social networking now, I guess these are the new types of friendships and in my opinion just as valid and important. 

I have a online triangle, apparently we all do. Mine is Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest ...

In 2014 I began doing design team work, and have been very fortunate with the companies I have got to work with, and the challenge blogs I have participated in. I love being involved in design teams.

Being in my studio is always such a wondrous experience. There is so much bad news and terrible world events, we need a little happiness and hope in our lives. I find mine through the hobby that I love and the wonderful people in my life who share this passion with me.

I think I would describe my style as eclectic ... I know lots of people have a style, but if I have one, I dont see it. I love whimsical, quirky, unusual images. I love color and I love techniques and tools. So often my projects will involve many different tools and materials. I like to challenge myself so will experiment with things on an almost daily basis. So maybe my style is currently in transit ? LOL

I will end this 'about me' with a little story that other crafters will relate to I'm sure. Its about our stash.... you know how we looooove our stash .... And it seems craft shopping is almost as good as using it. LOL

My hubby asks me "When is enough craft crap (As he affectionately terms it) enough ?"
My reply "When you have it all, of course" ...... LOL

Bye for now, thanks for stopping in and taking the time to read my blurb :)

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  1. Hi Nikki. I've admired your art on Vera Lane Studios FB group. I see from the badges here that we are attracted to the same type of stamps. Looking forward to checking out more of your fabulous style. Yep, that's your style: Fabulous!


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