Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heat embossing 101

After having a conversation with someone today regarding heat embossing, I thought I would briefly set out the available options for this wonderful technique. I remember when I first started crafting and the heat tool was the first thing I bought - wish I'd known these options all those years ago.

1. Versamark with clear embossing powder on a colored cardstock - means you will see through the glossy embossing to the colored cardstock. Gives a nice crisp and raised stamped image.

2. Versamark and colored embossing powder. You can use any color of cardstock and the colored embossed image will clearly show. Gives a nice crisp and raised stamped image.

3. Colored versamark and clear embossing powder. The image will be the color of the versamark. Gives a nice crisp and raised stamped image.

4. Colored versamark and colored embossing powder. Whatever type of versamark you use (clear or colored) the colored embossing power will be what determines the color of the finished embossed image. Gives a nice crisp and raised image.

5. Craft ink is basically a versamark with color. See above applications.

6. Versamark and ink with clear embossing powder. Apply versamark to image, then stamp the versamark inked image into the color of ink of your choice and stamp onto cardstock. Then emboss with clear embossing powder. The stamped image will be the color of the ink you used. Gives a sharp stamped image but not quite as raised as the versamark is under a layer of ink. The stamp must be cleaned inbetween each stamping unless you will put colored ink into your versamark.

7. Any ink will work for the heat embossing technique, it does not have to be versamark/craft but you must apply the embossing powder instantly as the ink dries quicker than versamark or craft ink. If stamping on a non-porous surface you have more time as the ink will not try as quickly. The new SU stamp pads are much wetter and will work for this technique better than the previous stamp pads.

Phew, I think that covers the major aspects of heat embossing.

If you arent sure about something - just try it. You might discover a new way of doing things :-)

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