Sunday, June 15, 2014

Art journalling .... Hope you like it .... duh !

A few times recently I have added at the end of my art journal/mixed media blog posts, "I hope you like it". Also, when at events people come around perusing others work etc, and we feel the need to explain and secretly hope they'll like what we are pouring our time and emotions into. But you know, really it doesn't matter. Mixed media and art journalling is such a personal journey. For me it is akin to therapy, a place I can safely process and depict my thoughts. So I may change my 'hope you like it', to 'hope you find some inspiration' - meaning both artistically and also emotionally. Thanks for listening ... here ends the sermon x


  1. Your sermon is very true, to me art journaling and crafting in general is therapy; it keeps me sane ! Good idea to change the 'Hope you like it' to 'hope you find some inspiration' !
    Corrie x

  2. Your 'sermon' reminds me of why I started my blog - not to get oodles of comments (although I get excited when I do) but as a creative diary of sorts, just for me. I like the idea of 'hope you find some inspiration', sums it up really, doesn't it?


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