Friday, August 29, 2014

Bereavement card ...

I dont really 'enjoy' making bereavement cards. But what I do like, because I am a card maker and crafter, I like to be able to spend time contemplating and creating something special for a family, to put my time, efforts and thoughts for them into something beautiful. 


  1. A beautiful card - I'm sure it will be appreciated. I'm like you - not the type of card anyone likes to have to make but ones that would be treasured seeing as it's handmade especially.

  2. A beautiful card. I don't like to make this theme of card either but I'm sure it will be treasured and appreciated because it's been handmade especially.

  3. Beautiful card, Nikki. I don't enjoy making cards like that and I decided a while ago that I won't do it. If I need a bereavement card I will buy one !
    Corrie x


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