Thursday, November 24, 2016

Reflecting on this wonderful hobby ...

Do you ever look back on your blog posts ? Reflect on some of the awesome things you made ? For a particular task this month, I am doing just that, sharing some of my favourite recent makes.

So many to choose from .... but I will just aim for a few that I enjoyed, that indicate my style and weird ... erm I mean .. quirky sense of humour ;)

This whimsical bird is a fave of mine ... I cant seem to give this card away, theres just something about it ... HERE is the link to the original blog post :

I really enjoyed making this card, so many yummy layers. HERE is the link to the blog post and tutorial : 

A little love for Vera Lane Studios digital images, a card I made. HERE is the link to the actual post :

And another Vera Lane Studios card: HERE is the blog link

And another Vera Lane Studios image, made into an ATC. HERE is the blog link.

I made some thank you cards, they were so fun and easy to make. HERE is a link to the actual blog post and tutorial :

My fave little dog stamp from Stampotique assisted in the making of this card ... note that no dogs were harmed in the stacking up of the pyramid lol : HERE is the blog post link

Another Stampotique make I enjoyed : HERE is the link to the tutorial : 

And lastly my fave Halloween makes : 

Day of the Dead ATC: HERE is the link and tutorial

And a card. HERE is the link to the original blog post.

I am getting  bit carried away ... I'd better stop now. Looking back through all my post and the hours and hours of work, and pleasure and leisure that go into this hobby, the connections and friends I have made through it, both online and face to face ... I am thankful. Nikki x


  1. Your post gave me goosebumps, Nikki. I recall seeing a lot of these original posts and I always enjoy your creative expressions (and often the humor behind them!). It is fun to take a peek back in time, isn't it?

  2. Really at the moment, I have not a minute for me and blogging, even for friends..
    But following the opening of your blog post to take a little break from my working process tonight, I cant's go away without telling you Wow, wow and Wow dear Nikki!!! :)
    I totally agree with ALL what Julie say above :-). Loving each and every of these quirky - fabulous - pieces.
    Hugs from your friend Corinne xx


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