Monday, November 4, 2013

ATCs : Love Songs

I really enjoyed this ATC, it was to make an ATC from a favourite song with love in the title.
 Mine of course had to be a Beatles song 'All you need is love'.

The background was made by rubbing various colors of distress ink onto my craft sheet, spritzing with water and running the cardstock through it. I love the moody look of the sky - if you've been to Liverpool you can relate to the authenticity of the skyline ! lol.

The Liverpool skyline silhouette was cut using a cricut. I had actually made a stencil and sprayed silver with a homemade spray the black cardstock before it was cut - just to give it some texture and interest.

I covered the 2.5 x 3.5" ATC with tin foil, which I crumpled first. I wanted to created the feeling of movement in the water, added interest to the reflection of the Liverpool skyline. I used copic markers to color the water and skyline reflection.

I printed the words from my computer and adhered.

So many steps, but I love the reflective quality of this ATC, the interest and textures.

These are the four Love Songs ATC I now have. Love the girls in my ATC group, so much talent :)

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