Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to get stubborn Stampin' Up! stamps to stick

I have heard various recommendations for ensuring SU stamps stick to the block. To be honest, none of them do it for me and are problematic. Anyone who has had their inked stamp fall off the block and onto their beautiful stamped image will agree I'm sure.

Other companies who make thing cling type of rubber stamps mostly do not put the image onto the back of the stamp, so avoiding this non sticking problem. But I like the sticker, it helps guide my stamping so I always mount the stamps with the sticker, and then I perform a little magic ....

The 2-way glue pen is a permanent and temporary glue. If I apply glue to a piece of paper and stick it to another, it dries and is stuck very well ... sometimes too well ! lol But, if I apply dots of the glue to a surface and allow it to air dry (for about 6-12 hours), then I get tacky glue that will stick to my block temporarily. Taaa Daaaah magic eh ! The glue stays tacky for a long time, after a year of two of use I may reapply a few dots. 

Also, do you notice that the glue is blue in the pic below ? It dries clear ... how cool is that. So, you can see where you put it. I really like this glue, I use it a lot. I have even been know to make my own glue dots ..... now theres an idea ....

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