Monday, May 12, 2014

Northern Dance

The Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis is a breathtaking sight. To see the different colored lights dancing in the Northern skies is wondrous. I feel very fortunate to have seen it in all its glory a number of times, but it is so enchanting and different every time, you could never tire of it. I hope I captured the essence of it in my dt project today for Southern Ridge Trading Company. Look, I even incorporated some shadow into my pic ...
I have seen this sponging technique a few times and really wanted to try it with something other than trees and the wilderness. So decided to use this city cape chipboard piece, Misc-305 on this artist trading card. I used the middle sized piece, there is three in the pack.

The order of colors for sponging the northern lights sky is yellow, green, turquoise, purple, dark blue and black. Thank you to Melissa Banbury for demoing this technique, I really enjoyed doing it. The chipboard is painted with black gesso. The stars are done with my white gel pen.

Hope you like it, thanks for visiting :) and feel free to leave a comment.
I hope you see / experience something wondrous today.
Nikki x


  1. Your Aurora Borealis looks fab ! I would love to see it sometime !
    Corrie x

  2. Brilliant, I love the effect you have here, just like the Aurora Borealis, I love this :D x


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