Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eccentric chubby mermaid ?

I love the detail in the images by The Chubby Mermaid, they are so fun and saucy :)

Here is a postcard I made using Alice in Waterland II :
 I cracked open the big box of prisma color pencils for this project, Oh they are sooo lovely. She is colored exclusively in prisma, just a little black india ink pen for a few details :) Isn't she sweet. Her hair is actually a mixture of brown and metallic gold, but its maybe a bit hard to see in the pic.
 The background was done with gesso, which I textures and then colored with gelato's, a layer of gel medium then I sponged with brown distress ink to pick out some of the background detail. I added some white acrylic splodges and my wording, using two different alphabet sets. The wording is meant to be a little flamboyant, because she obviously is, sitting there in her teacup with all her favorite items around her.

Thanks for stopping by x


  1. Love the mermaid in a cup, cute image. Love your background x

  2. Nice ! Good colour work and the background is lovely !
    Corrie x


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