Friday, May 1, 2015


For the spring challenge over at Southern Ridge Trading Blog I have made a card, spring is all about rebirth and regrowth, my tree is blossoming, my returning birds are nesting :
The tree is : NAT-333 and the birds in flight are : NAT-615 - coming to the website soon.

The background is an emboss resist with a stencil. The tree was painted with acrylic paint.
The grass is painted with acrylic paint and a dry brush, and the words lightly stamped in the grass "All things grow with love".

Few details about the tree :

Once I had created my background, I painted the tree and when the paint was still wet I stamped it onto my card. I know, it looks a total mess doesn't it, but there was method in my madness. I wanted to give the tree some depth, emphasize its dimension.
I used a thick body acrylic so that I was able to add texture to the trunk, then each leaf was meticulously painted in a pale green, with the shadow added with aqua acrylic. 
 The final touch was to add a little dot of liquid pearls to simulate the blossom. I had decided to put the tree off the card and trim the edge. I then glued these discarded branches onto the remaining tree.

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