Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer lovin' atc

So the topic of this months local atc trade was Summer Lovin'. What sprung to mind immediately was the movie : Grease, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.

So I made a mixed media background and gel medium image transfer. Now that was fun ! I wrote a couple of lines from the song 'Summer Lovin' along the profile of the images. And tadaarr ... finished.

 This was my background made with acrylic paints. I did a whole 8.5x11" sheet so have extra for other projects. I love doing that and its amazing how often these cut off pieces come in handy. Also it means I am doing it more randomly. Often if I am working in a set area, I seem to make everything fit, so its all matchy-matchy ! LOL Since mixed media arrived in my life, I don't like doing that.
 I found this free image online, resized it in word and printed on my ink jet printer. I fussy cut the images out.
Then I added a layer of gel medium to my image (not my background as I wanted to write on the background later). I firmly adhered my images to the background, using a brayer. If you miss even a little spot, there is no glue for the image to adhere to and you will have holes in your image. Sometimes you may actually want that though. Then I waited patiently (finger tapping, tap, tap, tap) until it all dried. When it was dry I took a damp cloth and started to rub away the backing paper.
You have to be careful, its very easy to wreck the image, especially as more of the paper is removed. The last layer of paper from the image can be removed very carefully with a wet finger.

And for the back of my atc, the T-Birds car, tire marks and my favourite line from the movie ...
Hope you find some inspiration and please leave me a comment x

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