Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shelter from the rain

A New Years project I made today and entering it for monthly Ryn's challenge.

All stamps used in this project are by Designs by Ryn.

The inspiration from this project came about when I was thinking about and reflecting on the past year, 2014. Sometimes things are great, other times no so much and there is sadness and sometimes regret. There is not necessarily anything we can do about this, or about tragic and upsetting world events. All we can do is live our lives, control what we can control and accept what we can't. By this I don't mean apathy, but I know that I can not carry the weight of the worlds problems on my shoulders, so its ok to take care of myself a little. I hope you are also able to do this in 2015.

Happy New Year x


  1. Happy New Year to you too, Nikki ! Lovely project ! I like Ryn's stamps too and I just found out I can buy them here in Holland !
    Yay ! Take care ! Corrie x

  2. Hey Nikki, I complely agree that it is absolutely ok to take care of yourself. It's too bad the word "selfish" has such a negative connotation. I think it's essential to focus inward and make sure you are ok. Otherwise what can you give others? I hope 2015 brings


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