Thursday, June 4, 2015

At the Movies Bookmark

I am participating in an 'At the Movies' Bookmark trade. Seriously, how much fun is that !  I am a big reader, so for me they had to be functional, and of course a little witty :)

So here they are :) Doesn't everyone love Ryan Gosling in all of these 'Hey Girl sketches ? And even better, did you know he is Canadian ? 

 The photos are printed on my printer and fussy cut, and then I marked in pencil where I wanted to put them on the heart patterned paper. I typed on my typewriter, then glued it all together. I laminated them so they will be durable. They are not overly fancy, or layered but they are witty, colorful and will bring a smile to your face as you sit down, open your book to the page they are marking :)  They will endeavor do their very best 'book marking' job. Hope the recipients like them .....

Accompanying the bookmarks, which I mailed yesterday (rubbing hands together with excited glee), are a couple of tags I made with Viva Las Vegas Stamps : 
Thanks for stopping by x


  1. Only after I googled 'Hey girl', did I get it.. lol... They are so much fun. I think the other tags are both wonderful ! I especially love the old lady, great sentiment too !
    Corrie x

  2. Great bookmarks - love the humour! And wow love the tags!


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