Thursday, March 6, 2014

Retreat and bead making ...

I had fun at a craft retreat last weekend, its something I really really look forward to, and plan for. I never pack kits and plan pages really though, I just have general thoughts and ideas. I tell ya, I'm like a one-girl think tank ... I get an idea and then start imagining all the possible variations on that theme, a play on words etc. It can get pretty far fetched and bizarre - I love it  The hours just fly by .... but it seems like I have only been there for a few hours and its time to pack up to come home ! How can time be so deceptive like that ? Another thing about crafting events that I 'dont like' (LOL) is that it doesn't matter how big my work area is, within an hour or two I am operating in a 12" square area !!! Stopping to tidy away and discover something you lost 6 hours ago ... its like entering an alternative time dimension .... Seriously if you have never been to a crop or retreat, you should try it. You meet great people and its a great source of inspiration.

One of the projects I did this weekend was to cover a gift box for cards. Quite liked the front of the box, but LOVED the beads. So easy, so much fun and so amazing and durable. Thank you to JenniBelli for her youtube tuition. Beads are just long strips of tapered patterned paper. Start to roll the widest end first, to the smallest. I applied a bit of glue along the way to keep it from unravelling, but the whole bead is coated with a couple of coats of clear nail polish. Fab, or what ....
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